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Fully-Stitched Watch Strap

Fully-Stitched Watch Strap


Watches are meant to be held on to. They gain scratches, patinas, and character over time that make them unique. They become yours. We feel a watch strap should do the same. Like all our products, each strap is completely handmade. Each strap is cut and stitched by hand. We use a 3/4oz vegetable tanned leather folded over on itself that will age through the years to a beautiful dark caramel. This leather is sourced from the same Midwestern tannery as all our products - A world-class tannery that has been around since the 1800s. The entire strap is stitched by hand using an age old method called the saddle-stitch, a stitch that is stronger than the traditional machine stitch. The polyester thread used is resistant to sun wear. The buckle is stainless steel. A trusty watch strap for your trusty timepiece.

(5th image shows difference in color of brand new strap vs. year old)

Size: 120mm/80mm